2017 Almost a Memory

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I probably say it every year, but where did 2017 go?

Mentors 4 Kids is so blessed by the support we have received this year. Farmers State Bank continues to sponsor our program. Harrisburg Medical Center, Stringer Creative and Stringer Performance, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Ameren, Kiwanis Club of Harrisburg, Marion Lions Club and the Poshard Foundation. We had several great fundraisers this year and donations from individuals that surpassed any expectations we may have had. We appreciate all the support and can’t state enough, that we really could not exist without it.

There was a growth spurt for our Board of Directors with the addition of several.

2018 Board
Judge David Overstreet
Dr. Michael Handwerk
Matt Businaro
Tracey Clark
Kelly Phelps
Katharine Bovenkerk
Sara McClusky
Dr. John Cooley
Jeff Cain

Mentors 4 Kids is fortunate to have a board that supports the mission to provide children in need with a caring, volunteer adult role model to befriend them and spend quality time with them.

As I think about the high and lows of the year, the highs definitely put a smile on my heart.

  • Mentee that made cookies from scratch for the first time with her mentor
  • Mentor and mentee that enjoyed sharing time together at the library
  • Parent that feels her child’s mentor is “to good to be true” as her child loves her mentor
  • Mentors that attend ball games of mentees as a cheerleader
  • Mentor and mentee that send letters during the weeks they cannot get together

The lows are always harder and although we have few, the kids that are on the waitlist hit my heart a little harder.

  • Mentee in a foster situation who has been moved around many times
  • Young boys who have no positive males in their lives to share guy things with
  • The grandparents who have custody of their 9 year old grandson who needs opportunities to run and play outside.
  • Teenage girl who has no self confidence and get bullied in school

This list can go on and on, the situations are much the same and oh so different. Kids need positive role models, they need cheerleaders, a listening ear and a friend. Is 2018 the year for you to be the somebody that matters to somebody that matters? Think about who your mentors were growing up and how your life would be different without them. You can make a difference-Because ALL Kids Matter

Blessings in 2018
Vickey Taake-Executive Director
For more information on how to support Mentors 4 Kids go to www.mentors4kids.org

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