A Good Fit

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Peanut butter and jelly
Tacos and cheese
Milk and cookies
Pen and paper
Burt and Ernie
Santa and reindeers…..Lily and Tori.

Lily was referred to Mentors 4 Kids because her mother felt like she could benefit from a positive female role model. Lily is a happy go lucky young lady who loves animals, likes to help others and says the best thing about herself: “I’m good at tricks on my bike.” But she also shared that she sometimes gets picked on when she is on the bus and she would really like someone to talk to and have fun with.

As a busy college student Tori felt she still wanted to find time to be a mentor. In addition to school, she works and is involved in campus organizations.She feels every child deserves to have that connection and positivity in his/her life. She has a heart for children, a positive outlook and drive to be her best. All great attributes for a mentor.

They both liked biking, cooking, swimming, movies and preferred to be matched with someone NICE! Tori didn’t state that bike tricks were necessarily her gift, but we felt there were plenty of other things that her and Lily could connect on. Nice, being one of them.

The two meet regularly to cook, go for ice cream, help with service projects, or to just hang out.
Lily looks forward to her meetings with Tori and during their time together they have worked on their friendship. Having dinner is a special time for them as Tori feels this is when Lily opens up to her the most and there are few distractions. “It’s easy to connect with your mentee when you gain their trust and get on their level.”

Early in the match Tori had planned a day at the local college for a Princess Party. Days before the event she was contacted by a family member about a family event that she should attend. She contacted the office to talk about how best to handle it because Lily was so excited. We felt she could take her for part of the party and explain her other commitment and it would be fine. Days later Tori reported that they ended up staying at the event because Lily was so excited and having such a great time, she just didn’t want to make her leave. She was a Princess for the day and doesn’t every little girl want and deserve to feel like that?

During monthly calls and assessments Lily has a constant response, she loves Tori and their match is great! Tori came into mentoring to be able to impact a child’s life forever and based on our data, she is doing just that!

Mentors matter!
Mentors change lives!
Mentors give hope!

Maybe it’s time for you to be a Mentor? Being someone that matters-to someone that matters.
Because All Kids Matter!

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