Because All Kids Matter!

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Mentors 4 Kids mission is to provide children in need with a caring, volunteer adult role model to befriend them and spend quality time with them. It is a simple concept that can change a child’s life in ways that are somewhat unmeasurable. True, we have assessment data that has positive outcomes for improved family relationships, school relationships, peer relationships, self-concept and drug use. But I believe measuring a friendship isn’t something that can be collected in data, especially if it’s not something they are used to. The needs of our kids are all different and for that reason we need mentors that have a variety of interest, gifts and strengths. I hope you will take a few minutes to look at the kids below and consider how you could make a change in their life. Mentoring matters and it takes little time but lots of heart! Because All Kids Matter!

Vickey Taake
Executive Director
Mentors 4 Kids

WHY I NEED A MENTOR-8 yr old female

  • My mother works 12 hour shifts
  • She is a single parent
  • My dad left when I was a baby
  • When I’m not in school, I’m usually at daycare or with a babysitter
  • I don’t have many friends
  • I have a learning disability and sometimes the kids make fun of me

WHY I NEED A MENTOR-12 yr old male

  • I am bullied at school
  • I have no male/father figure to spend time with me
  • My mother comes in and out of my life
  • I don’t have many friends my age
  • I am diagnosed with ADHD
  • I don’t like to do much but play video games

WHY I NEED A MENTOR-14 yr old female

  • Trauma- My father died last year
  • My mother is on disability
  • I don’t have any friends
  • I don’t leave my house much
  • We don’t have much money to go do fun things like other kids
  • I am diagnosed with Trichotillomania and depression

WHY I NEED A MENTOR-9 yr old male

  • My father left when I was 6 months old.
  • My mom works long hours at the hospital
  • I don’t have many friends at school
  • The kids sometimes call me names
  • I am having a hard time in school completing my work
  • I am diagnosed with ADHD and ODD and take medicine
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