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The first month of the new year has flown by, with National Mentoring Month keeping us busy in many of the counties that we serve. It was exciting to have Proclamations signed by several of our local mayors, we shared mentoring in networking groups, through local agencies and had fun social media participation from our mentees and mentors. Mentoring month is also special because it is when we get our matches together and celebrate our Mentors and what they give to make mentoring matter.

This year we held a Pancake Breakfast for mentors and mentees with the support of the Kiwanis of Harrisburg. Kiwanis provided space for our event as well as expert pancake making skills. The kids and adults enjoyed huge pancakes and all the sausage they could eat. The M4K Board of Directors served all our guests at their tables while they shared stories of their relationships. Mentors were presented with certificates for the time that they have been matched and the kids were able to hear the testimony of Javontay Moss, the first match that came into our program in 2010. Javontay is a sophmore in college and although he is still matched, serves as a Student Ambassador for M4K. He shared the journey he and his mentor have gone through and the impact he has had in his life.

We talk to our matches on a regular basis, but when you see them together laughing, telling funny tales on each other, hearing mentor testimonies of growing relationships and positive changes they have been witness to it makes it all real.

The best part is when they say:

    • My mentee is part of my family
    • We are a great match
    • She is the daughter I did not have
    • He makes me laugh
    • I am so proud of my mentee

It is beyond words!! Mentoring makes a difference. Kids matter! Relationships matter!


      • How to be a Mentor
      • Apply and complete screening process
      • Commit to 1 year (minimum)
      • 6 hours a month with mentee
      • Be a Positive Role Model

You can make a difference too!

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