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Mentors and mentees become a part of Mentors 4 Kids for a variety of reasons.

Ashlee has a heart for kids and wanted to have a positive impact and provide guidance to a child lacking in self-esteem. She was new in the area and mentoring was a way to get involved, give back and make a friend.

Sam is a shy teenager who was in need of somebody to get her back on track, as well as provide her with opportunities to have new experiences. When ask what type of person would make a good mentor for her, she responded, “Mature, but quirky”.

Ashlee and Sam were matched in July of 2016 and would be described as girly, creative, and adventurous. Since then, I would add coffee connoisseurs to the list. Many of their conversations revolve around teenage issues and Sam found it easy to be open with Ashlee very early in their relationship. It seems they never lack for something to talk about with high school, boys, friendships and conversations about the future. They also never lack for things to do with frequent trips to Hobby Lobby, Lowe’s, trying new places to eat or drink coffee, and spending time in the kitchen; with pizza as their next menu item.

During my recent visit with them, Sam opened up about being shy and not really having much to do outside of school. Ashlee has given her a ‘safe place’ to ask questions or share her feelings without fear of judgement. Sam shared, “Having a mentor has helped me learn how to deal and look at things with a different point of view. It has also helped with my shyness and talking with people at school.” Ashlee stated, “Sam is a really good kid who has had some tough lessons and yet has come out strong. I am impressed with her-she just needs to be reminded that she has the tools to succeed.”

These two have a lot on their list going forward. Sam would like to major in business and have her own clinic someday, but until then her and Ashlee have plenty of ideas to keep busy. Ice skating, a trip to the St. Louis Zoo, adding to their recipe list and celebrating a “Sweet 16” birthday at Red Lobster.

These two seemed to have an instant friendship and with that came trust. Seeing them together makes you think they must be “really” good friends or maybe even sisters. (which they have been mistaken for) When I ask Sam what has been the best part of having a mentor, she responded by saying, “It makes things seem more possible.” Possibilities!!!

Mentoring Matters!

Submitted by: Vickey Taake

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