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John and Jordan have been matched since February of 2012. At first glance through the match worksheet it stands out that both mentor and mentee shared common interest in sports and doing outdoors activities. Similar personality traits: Jordan is very inquisitive and John seems able to handle questions.
Prior to being matched Jordan had very low self-esteem and was picked on alot by other kids his age. He was interested in sports but did not play for fear that the other kids would make fun of him. Throughout the years Jordan’s mother has been in and out of his life, leading him to deal with some abandonment issues and John remained as a great source of support.

When I look back at out relationship I realize I was more a source of information for Jordan than a mentor. He was very inquisitive but the answers to the questions he asked could have come from a library instead of from me. Gradually he began using me as a mentor and our conversations were more of the nature of a mentee-mentor than library patron-librarian. I think a lot of the change has to do with the confidence he placed in me that I was in his life to assist him through difficult times. Our conversations have grown to include personnel issues as well as world events. Mentors 4 Kids really made a good match with the two of us. “Jordan has changed from a somewhat naive child to a somewhat sophisticated young adult. He’s very intelligent and is an excellent student. He has developed a sense of humor that incorporates his knowledge base. We talk about his future and what he wants to do when he graduates, although I feel this will change a few times prior to graduation.”

During a monthly call to grandma, who has been his guardian for several years, she stated that the match is still good and that John writes his mentee regularly. (program requires weekly contact in some fashion)
“John is like family.”

Jordan is a young man of few words, but when asked about his, he summed it up in the following statements.
“My mentor makes time for me.”
“He treats us like family.”
“He is like a human calculator.”

Every child needs someone that they feel “Gets Me.” Children throughout Saline, Gallatin, White, Franklin, Jefferson and Williamson counties are lacking that person. Children that need support, encouragement, someone to talk to, someone to listen to them and someone to allow them to be a kid and have fun. Mentors 4 Kids is in need of caring adults that can spend at least 6 hours a month with a child, make weekly contact and commit to at least one year in a match. Because All kids matter, maybe this is the time for you to be that person.

For more information please contact:

Vickey Taake
Executive Director
Mentors 4 Kids

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