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What would our Southern Illinois communities look like if each child had a positive role model to support and guide them throughout their daily struggles? Imagine if each child could reach out to an adult they trust when they have a problem, when they are scared, worried, don’t understand some of the things going on in this crazy world? Imagine if each child could have 6 hours of one-on-one attention to talk, walk in the park, go to a movie or just hang out with a friend that they can confide in? Imagine if that child had those 6 hours a month to just be a kid, to laugh, to be silly and not have to take on the concerns of life?

A recent match:
8 year old female lives with grandma and mom. Has minor issues with completing tasks, processing instructions, struggles with self-esteem and social situations. There tends to be chaos in her household, although grandma works hard to meet the needs of her and other children in the home. She enjoys art, fishing, camping and playing on the computer. She loves to talk and share stories and is very excited at the idea of having another person to spend time with her one-on-one.

44 year old female, married with grown children. She enjoys doing girly things like baking, art, going out to eat and sports. There is really nothing that she will not try. She believes in giving back and applied to be a mentor to make someone else’s life a little brighter.. In her words, “that would make it worth it.”

After their first outing grandma called for un update and reported that the mentee is very impressed with her mentor and has taken very well to this new relationship. She continually refers to her mentor has her new “best friend.” #worthit

Maybe you can imagine being that someone? Being a mentor to a child that possibly can’t imagine those things. Being someone that matters to someone that matters. Mentors 4 Kids is in need of mentors in the 6 counties we serve. Jefferson, Franklin, Williamson, Saline, Gallatin and White. Call us today at 618-252-1012 or download an application at You could change the life of a child….and possibly they could change yours. IMAGINE!

Vickey Taake
Executive Director

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